The Technology

What Are LED Face Masks?

LED face masks have been used for years by women and men who visit day spas and medical spas all over the world. The reason they’re so popular with celebrities and individuals looking to take of their skin is because the different colors that the masks emit are used to treat different issues.

For example, the Red Light is used to stimulate collagen in the skin and is widely hailed for it anti-aging benefits. The more collagen one has in the face, generally the more of a youthful look that they have. First evidence of red light therapy increasing collagen production date back to 1987.

Another popular use is the Blue Light which has been proven to kill acne causing bacteria. This spectrum of light results in the prevention and elimination of breakouts for all skin types. You will find more information about the benefits of some of the other colors throughout the site.

The Science

The science behind LED Face masks and light therapy is extensive and involved. Even NASA is currently working with light spectrum science for a variety of reasons including decontamination, growth stimulation, healing, and pain relief. An extensive and detailed paper written by 7 PhDs and MDs detailing the research, clinical trials and evidence that LED light therapy works can be found here Additional information regarding the different colors and uses can also be found on our blog.

Who Buys Our Masks?

  • Women and men of all ages
  • Celebrities
  • Anti-aging experts
  • Skin care professionals
  • Social media influencers
  • Individuals who frequent spas
  • Day spa and Med spa owners
  • People serious about anti-aging
  • People looking to improve the overall quality of their skin!

Choosing A Face Mask That’s Right For You

We offer various models of professional grade masks to fit your lifestyle, needs and budget. Most of our customers are already familiar with the technology and are just looking to pick up a device for their home and personal use. It saves trips to the spa, time in your day, and pays for itself within just a couple of uses versus expensive LED light treatments elsewhere. We even have masks that can be powered from your smartphone! Here at, we offer the largest selection of high quality and SAFE masks unlike anywhere else online at huge discounts due to our direct relationships with the manufacturers of the masks. Currently we have 9 models available to fit your needs. Shipping is FREE most anywhere in the world.